Thursday, April 15, 2021

Spur 2: Cathouse Kittens by Dirk Fletcher

Spur 2: Cathouse Kittens
by Dirk Fletcher (Chet Cunningham)
1984 Leisure

This is the second #2 of the Spur series - Leisure came out with the first three and then began the numbering again with different branding.

Spur McCoy is a Secret Service agent assigned to find a gang who hijack cattle trains on their final days, killing the cowboys and selling the herd.  He uncovers a real estate plot by prominent citizens, but mostly he has sex a lot.

The sex isn't good - one woman exclaims banalities like "marvelous" and "wonderful" which would kill any mood. Plenty of sleazy aspects, such as the sex trafficked 13 year old, and even Spur himself gets sexually assaulted by a gross old bandit while her teen foster son faps off.

Nothing special, but Chet Cunningham keeps things moving professionally enough.

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