Thursday, July 29, 2021

Imaro by Charles Saunders

by Charles Saunders
1981 DAW

In possibly the first example of has been coined Sword & Soul, Imaro is set in a mythical ancient Africa.  Imaro is exiled from his warrior/herdsman tribe and wanders the land, encountering other tribes and being tested in battle against man and beast. He works his way up to the head of a bandit gang and faces off against larger armies, river demons, and illusion casting sorcerers. We also get a sense of Imaro's inner life, as he deals with alienation and seeks to create a home of his own.

This was originally a series of short stories, and there have been some changes since the original publication. It didn't feel episodic like fix-up novels usually do as much as it felt just kind of samey. It ends in a weird place, like he started writing the sequel to a cliffhanger and decided to cut it off there for the next book.

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