Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Falcon 1: The Falcon Strikes by Mark Ramsay

 The Falcon 1
The Falcon Strikes 
by Mark Ramsay (John Maddox Roberts)
1982 Signet

Draco Falcon is a masterless knight who has returned to France from the Crusades, seeking vengeance against those who sold him into slavery. Falcon has a white scar down the length of his face from being struck by lightning, which has also left him prone to fits of rage and madness.

Falcon is hired by a lady to protect her castle from unscrupulous lord seeking to take advantage of the political turmoil to take over her land.  We get skirmishes, jousting duels, and my personal favorite, siege warfare.

Violent and brutal, with Falcon slicing through bodies like warm butter. Good verisimilitude with the research which led me down a couple of rabbit holes.  For instance: there was a belief, popularized by Marshall McLuhan, that literate people in the middle ages only read out loud and were unaware that one could read silently.

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