Thursday, September 23, 2021

Book of the Undead 3: Worst Nightmare by Ric Meyers

Book of the Undead 3
Worst Nightmare
by Ric Meyers 
1992, Dell

An interdimensional being called The Imp floats around, injecting glass Gem Worms into people's brains, causing them to make poor, impulsive choices that ruins their lives and those around them. After inspiring drug dealing video store clerks to run amok, it possesses the corpse of a recently killed pedophile cop.

Meanwhile, a man who was blown up in the last book comes back to life and is driven to destroy evil. His widow is hunted by a South American cartel assassin, and as it happens she's the nanny for a teenager who babysits a kid the pedophile cop is stalking, so it all comes together.

Starts of interesting, slight Great and Secret Show vibes, but almost nothing happens in the middle and the scale and stakes keep getting lower as we move along. There are recurring Freddy jokes that have no place, and I could have done without the semi-graphic ghost child molesting.

I don't know if I'd have enjoyed it more by reading from the beginning, but more likely I'd have been let down even more after 700 plus pages. Surprisingly scarce and expensive.

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