Thursday, September 9, 2021

Cap Kennedy 9: Earth Enslaved by Gregory Kern

Cap Kennedy 9
Earth Enslaved
by Gregory Kern (E.C. Tubb)
1974 DAW

Cap Kennedy is a space opera series similar to Perry Rhodan. Kennedy is our square jaw leader who leads a crew through space in his ship, the Mordain, investigating and facing dangers to Earth. In this installment, Kennedy and his crew pass through an artificial asteroid called the Torus into an alternate timeline where women rule Earth on the ground and aliens controlled the skies, using cyborg space forts run by the brains of male human slaves.  Kennedy has to repair his ship, find a way around the alien defenses, and destroy the Torus before it destroys both Earths.

This could have stood to be longer, as there are some interesting concepts but not much room to play around. Cap mainly runs around shooting people unconscious with his sedative needler gun. Not much in the way of description; we have no idea what the aliens look like, and in future alternate Earth you can hitch a ride in a truck or steal clothes from a line of laundry. The end is resolved way to quick by hacking the alien defenses in a more believable manner than Independence Day.

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