Thursday, October 28, 2021

Lone Star 2: Lone Star and the Opium Rustlers by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star 2
Lone Star and the Opium Rustlers
by Wesley Ellis
1982 Jove

Jessie Starbuck is the heir of the Starbuck fortune seeking revenge against the Prussian cartel who killed her family. Ki is a half Japanese samurai who pals around with her. Their connection isn't clear in the second volume, not sure if their partners, he's her employee, there's some honor blood debt thing, or what. They've got a Moonlighting will they / won't they sexual tension thing going on, but it doesn't stop them from performing in the three sex scenes contractually obligated in adult westerns (two for Ki and one for Jessie).

Jessie checks in on her corporate interests in San Francisco, discovering that the Prussian cartel is working with the Tongs and corrupt city officials. Jessie goes undercover in a brothel while Ki frees slaves from the Tong. Ki falls in love with a local Chinese girl which definitely doesn't get her raped and killed.

Like the best of adult westerns, this would have been so much better without the sex, which was shoehorned in at awkward intervals. The plotting was good, and did a pretty good job of establishing this as an episode of a longer series. The story is standalone, but you got a sense of progress towards Jessie's overall long term goal.

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