Thursday, December 9, 2021

Renegade 2: Blood Runner by Lou Cameron

Renegade/Captain Gringo 2
Blood Runner
by Lou Cameron as Ramsey Thorne
1979 Warner

Captain Gringo, Richard Walker, wakes up in a Panamanian jail after recovering from a jungle fever. After escaping, he considers his options in the country, the subject of upheaval from the foreign interest in digging the canal. He's groomed by a mysterious arms dealer, contacted by British intelligence, and meets with his old comrade in arms Gaston.

Slow going at first, until Walker is forced to flee into the jungle where he faces federal troops, gun runners, natives, and the cruel forces of nature itself, including soldier ants and piranhas. Excellent adventure, with Walker using strategy and tactics to overcome overwhelming odds.

The sex seemed more farcical in this installment, like something out of madcap 70s comedy. 

Ebook for kindle available from Amazon

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