Thursday, April 14, 2022

Michael Kane 3: Barbarians of Mars by Michael Moorcock

Michael Kane 3
Barbarians of Mars aka Masters of the Pit
by Michael Moorcock (as Edward P. Bradbury)

Kane and his companion Hool Haji fly over a city organized as a single mechanical unit, stricken with plague. To look for a cure, they fly to a cache of ancient technology, get captured by barbarians, travel over the ocean, get captured by Dr. Moreau style dog people, are rescued by Dr. Moreau style cat people, and return to find a plague stricken army seeking to further spread the disease.

Kane is mostly along for the ride, and things just kind of work themselves out. More of a science fiction feel to this one. Also felt like the author was bored with the series and was eager to wrap things up.

Paperback from AbeBooks

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