Thursday, April 21, 2022

Vietnam Ground Zero 2: POW by Eric Helm

Vietnam Ground Zero 2
by Eric Helm (Kevin Randle and Robert Cornett)
1986 Gold Eagle

Captain Gerber and crew set up an ambush for a Vietcong patrol only to fall into a trap themselves. Demolitions expert Sully Smith and Sgt. Krung fight their way back to Camp A-555 while Washington, Tyme, and Fetterman are captured and tortured by the sadistic Major Vo.

There is a little bit of a continuing story, in the form of the romance between Gerber and journalist Robin and the mysterious Chinese advisor from the first installment. The continuing characters aren't as specifically defined as they are in other war based Men's Adventure series, which feels more realistic and results in a story more driven by the war itself than the characters.

Great action and adventure. A great sequence with Sully using his remaining explosives to lay a trap for a VC patrol and the resulting carnage. The ending rescue was rushed, and the series did great harm to it's gritty verisimilitude by having Fetterman be a full blown ninja at the end. I'm not a military historian, but I'm willing to bet there was not a single casualty in the entire conflict from a shuriken to the forehead.

Available in Kindle ebook and paperback from Amazon.

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