Thursday, May 19, 2022

Captain Gringo/Renegade 3: The Fear Merchant by Ramsay Thorne/Lou Cameron

Captain Gringo aka Renegade 3
The Fear Merchant
by Ramsay Thorne (Lou Cameron)

Richard Walker and Gaston take the boat of arms they absconded with in the last installment to Nicaragua where they plan to sell them to Conservative rebels. Walker ends up commanding a troop of green revolutionaries, flushes out a traitor in their camp, flees for the coast, and frees a village from a bandit overlord. And still finds time to make time with five different ladies. We get a psychedelic sex scene, a nude shootout, a psychotic hermit, and a mission siege.

The plotting style of this series takes some getting used to. We don't have a three act structure of introducing and overcoming obstacles, more of running from one obstacle to another. It fits in with Walker's vagabond life, but the installments feel like parts of stories sewn together. Mainly I would have liked to see the siege of the bandit king sequence take up a whole book instead of an epilogue rushed out at the end and barely connected to the main story.

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