Thursday, August 25, 2022

Night Shoot by David Sodergren

Night Shoot
by David Sodergren

A film school crew has one day to shoot a soft-core gothic horror film in an isolated Scottish manor, as long as they're out by 8 PM. Not being able to finish the shoot, they sneak back in after nightfall and discover what was hiding in the daytime.

The "film crew in peril" setup is reminiscent of movies like Bloody Pit of Horror or Stage Fright, and a number of novels as explored in this Vault of Evil thread. The body has influences of Richard Laymon, though tightened up and fewer sock changing scenes.

As with his first novel The Forgotten Island, the third person narration has it's own unique voice, which for me could be distracting, ymmv. Excellent gore and monster work, and the characterizations remain grounded, which allows him to go over the top without getting cartoonish.

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