Sunday, August 21, 2022

No Redeeming Value: Young Guns Fatal Four Way

Four twentieth century authors, two favorites, two new reads. But only one will survive as our first Young Guns Champion. Let's meet our competitors:

Jim Beard writes new pulp, tie-in fiction, and comic history.  Buy his stuff at Amazon.

Tim Curran is a prolific horror author. Buy his stuff at Amazon or visit him at Corpse King

New pulp phenom Derrick Ferguson was taken from us too soon, but his creation Dillon lives on. Buy his stuff on Amazon.

Accompanied to the ring by the Highland Horror Hound Boris, it's the Scottish Scribe, the Gaelic Goremeister, David Sodergren. Sodergren's work covers the range of horror and exploitation subgenres, from Giallo to Weird Western. Follow him on twitter at @paperbacksnpugs or buy his stuff on Amazon.

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