Thursday, September 22, 2022

Cüneyt Arkın Memorial Tournament

In a shocking move, Ramsay Thorne’s Renegade is disqualified for being a wrong’un.

We’ll see more from Charles Saunders, from the worlds of Imaro and beyond.

Horn comes to a close, in defeat Ben Sloane is unmasked as Stephen R. Cox, and unless his unavailable Mutant Hunter series surfaces, brings him to retirement.

As Falcon limps to a close, Mark Ramsay is unmasked as John Maddox Roberts and claims the European Championship.

Mathew Swain gets his happy ending, but there’s plenty more to read from Mike McQuay, our first Intercontinental Champion.

With no exit strategy in sight, we have many more installments of Vietnam Ground Zero by Eric Helm, our first United States Champion.

And the winner of the Series Showdown finals and our first World Champion, Robert Faulcon with Night Hunter.

And that concludes No Redeeming Value. Keep following for our next event.

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