Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Night Hunter 4: The Shrine by Robert Faulcon

The Night Hunter 4
The Shrine
by Robert Faulcon
1984 Arrow

A local ghost layer uncovers an Arachne shrine in an ancient Roman mine in rural England. The shrine is a psychic battery, draining the energies of several captives held underground.

Dan Brady enters the picture, setting a trap for Arachne agents and the elemental forces under their control. They arrive, four men with rotting animal heads, and the plan dissolves in a rage of death and madness.

Some genuine chills until things go over the top at the end. I've described the Night Hunter as if Nigel Kneale wrote Evil Dead, and we can add a little John Constantine to the characterization, with Brady's single minded focus damning those he comes into contact.

Paperback from Amazon.

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