Sunday, April 2, 2023

Reading Rumble Round 10

From men's mags to the Twilight Zone, master of the form Dennis Etchison returns to the squared circle.


Tarzan and the Land That Time Forgot by Joe R. Lansdale
Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, 2013 from Amazon

Tarzan's airship crashes on the way back from the underground land of Pellucidar, landing him near an island with strange creatures. Paced like a longer piece that was cut short.

Aloft in the Whirlwind: A Tale of the Great War by James Reasoner
Rocket's Red Glare, 2017

A WW I pilot is abducted by aliens and joins in their intergalactic war.

Valley of the Worm by Robert E. Howard
Weird Tales, February 1934

The first published James Allison story, a modern man who remembers the lives of his previous incarnations. Feels like a framing device to publish story fragments, but the monsters were fun enough.

The Walking Man by Dennis Etchison
Mystery Monthly, November 1976

Noir plot (dame asks a bar pick up to commit murder) with quiet horror execution.

Californian Dennis Etchison withstands the Texas tornado and all authors stay in the ring.

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