Saturday, April 8, 2023

Reading Rumble Round 11

Author of mystery, weird menace, and action, prolific pulpster Paul Ernst enters the ring.

Galactic Central bibliography 


The Tower of the Elephant by Robert E. Howard
Weird Tales, March 1933

Conan sneaks into a sorcerer's tower to steal a fabulous jewel, only to find it's a tortured captive alien. The third Conan story published, and my favorite of his so far.

The Shaggy House by Joe R. Lansdale
The Horror Show, Fall 1986

Comedy horror piece about a vampire house that drains the life from other houses in the neighborhood.

Death in Clown Alley by James Reasoner
The Avenger Chronicles, 2008

The Avenger and Justice Inc. help a threatened circus against ghost clowns.

We Have All Been Here Before by Dennis Etchison
Whispers II, 1979

A psychic with her own agenda helps the police find a killer.

Madman's Circus by Paul Ernst
Horror Stories, February 1935

Two reporters go to a spooky insane asylum for lunatic deaf-mutes. Horrible creatures, secret passages, blasphemous surgeries, everything you want from a Shudder Pulp

Collected in Twelve Who Were Damned and Other Stories, available from Amazon 

All five authors stay in the ring.

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