Saturday, June 17, 2023

Derrick Ferguson Bibliography

Below is what I believe to be a complete bibliography of Derrick Ferguson. I know he posted some fan fiction, as well as blog posts, etc, that aren't included. Much of this is already out of print.

Adventures of Fortune McCall

Black Pulp - Dillon and the Alchemist's Morning Coffee

Peculiar Adventures, Vol 1 - The Secret Whispers of Each Other’s Watch

Pro Se Presents Masked Gun Mystery 2 - The Scarlet Courtesan of Sovereign City

Pro Se Presents Fantasy and Fear 3 - The Day of the Silent Death-a SOVEREIGN CITY tale

The New Adventures of Foster Fade - The Cider King Murder

Baby Daddy in Hollis PI; Will Write for Food

Tales of Fortune: For Violent Fires that Soon Burn Out

Search for the Beast

Dillon Annual 2019

    Dillon and the Night Before Christmas

    Dillon and the Night of Krampus

    Dillon and the Prophecy of Fire

A Town Named Affliction - Bass Reeves Frontier Marshal Volume 1; Will Write for Food

The Bixbee Breakout - Bass Reeves Frontier Marshal Volume 2; Will Write For Food

Derrick Ferguson's Dillon: The Odd Jobs

    Dillon and the City of Stone

    Dire Learning

    Dillon and the Sisters of the Machine

    Dillon and the Devil's Mercy

Will Write for Food: The Freelance Stories of Derrick Ferguson

The Madness of Frankenstein

Diamondback: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

The Vril Agenda

The Undercover Puzzle - Dan Fowler: G-Man Volume Two; Will Write For Food

Dillon Annual Collection 2018

    Dillon and the Bad Ass Belt Buckle

    Dillon and the Judas Chalice

    Dillon and the Pirates of Xonira

    Dillon and the Alchemist's Morning Coffee; Black Pulp

    Dillon and the Last Rail to Khusra

Mystery Men (& Women) Volume 3 - A Man Called Mongrel pt 2

Mystery Men (& Women) Volume 2 - A Man Called Mongrel pt 1

Young Dillon in the Halls of Shamballah

Sinbad and the Voyage to the Land of the Frozen Sun - Sinbad - The New Voyages; Will Write for Food

The Knobloch Collection Assignment - Tales from the Hanging Monkey Volume 1; Will Write For Food

Fight Card: Brooklyn Beatdown

Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell

Dillon and The Voice of Odin

Straight Outta Deadwood - The Relay Station at Wrigley's Pass

Four Bullets for Dillon

    Dillon and the Bad-Ass Belt Buckle

    Dead Beat in La Esca

    Dillon and the Escape from Tosegio

    Dillon and the Judas Chalice


The Specialists (The Gantlet Brothers #4)


Derrick Ferguson's Movie Review Notebook

All-American Sports, Volume 2 - Brooklyn Breakdown

The Return of Derrick Ferguson's Movie Review Notebook

How The West Was Weird: Campfire Tales - The Tale of the Baron's Tribute

How the West Was Weird - Of All the Plagues a Lover Bears

Legends of New Pulp Fiction - Voodah of Thunder Mountain

How the West Was Weird: Vol. 3: One Last Bunch of Tales from the Weird, Wild West - Sorrowful are the Souls that Sleep with Gold

PulpWork Christmas Special 2014 - Dillon and the Night of Krampus

Pulpwork Christmas Special 2012 - Dillon and the Night Before Christmas

Black Power: The Superhero Anthology - In Need of a Friend

The Ruckerville Arrangement - Will Write for Food

Fenris the Dreaded One in: And I Say That Unto You is Born…Rayge! - Will Write For Food

Dark Worlds, Spring 2009 - The Tale of the Baron's Tribute

Genesis Science Fiction Magazine #3, Summer 2012 - Another Day on the River

All-Star Pulp Comics Volume Two

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