Friday, June 16, 2023

Reading Rumble Round 17

Ronald Kelly came in at the tail end of the Zebra era and is back with a vengeance.

Diary by Ronald Kelly
Cemetery Dance, Winter 1990

Quick entries of a serial killer's diary

Reprinted in Sick Stuff

The Plotters by Richard Shaver (as Alexander Blade)
Amazing Stories, December 1948

A Venusian secret agent seduces a scientists daughter at a "coke date" and protects them from other agents seeking atomic formulas.

Almost Human by Robert Bloch (as Tarleton Fiske)
Fantastic Adventures, June 1943

A scientist raises a robot Junior as he would a child. Junior is corrupted and stolen by a gangster, who uses it for crimes, only for Junior to fall in love with the gangster's moll. Heard the radio version first, either X Minus One or Dimension X, which had an even creepy feel to the end.

The Fat Man by Joe R. Lansdale
The Horror Show, January 1987

Two kids peek on the neighborhood weirdo who never leaves the house and does nothing but accept food deliveries. Equal parts cartoonish and horrifying.

Shaver goes over the ropes, climbs under the ring, and vanishes into the depths of the Earth.

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