Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trash Menace Gallery

Sex Cure by Elaine Dorian
For the rich, beautiful women of the suburban fast set, young Dr. Justin Riley had a favorite prescription.
Rips the mask from Doctors who mix women and medicine

Tenement: Game of Survival
The game is played with knives, guns, drugs & sex...
There can be only one winner!

Black Fire (1985)
After suffering a concussion from a grenade blast in 'Nam, Sgt. Frank Johnson has been getting flashes of his childhood. He is a ninja in those dreams. Because of this, he is given a codename: "Black Fire" by the US Army and is sent to San Sebastian together with his buddy Sgt. Jim Anderson to work as U.S. military advisers. One night, Sgt. Johnson discovers Capt. Salcedo trying to transport arms. 

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