Friday, October 11, 2013

Pluto Pact

Pluto Pact
Guy N Smith
Littlehampton Book Services 1982

I'd say this was in the small occult nuclear accident genre, but the only other example I can think of off-hand is Holocaust 2000.

A plutonium processing plant in Scotland is in crisis after accepting too many deposits, and it threatens to blow up England and maybe the world - I'm not sure about the science here.

The plant is opposed by a small town newspaper publisher, and most of the page count is taken up by him cheating on his wife and being a general SOB.

For some reason the leak of nuclear materials causes a couple of men to kill prostitutes (casually referred to as whores by the narrator).  The area is quarantined, and the book's mild horrors come from the resulting rioting and suicides.

Did I mention the warlock's curse?  Well, neither did Smith, hardly, but the area is cursed by a warlock, which aside from a couple of dreams only manifests in the conclusion.

The warlock is reincarnated or some such as the head of the nuclear plant.  He's quickly dispatched by a reporter who happens to have the rites of exorcism memorized, and the radiation is cleared up by an American inventor, the end.

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