Friday, October 25, 2013

Secret 6 - House of Walking Corpses

Secret 6 2
House of Walking Corpses
by Robert J Hogan
Secret 6 11/34

The Secret 6 were six adventurers that banded together to fight crime, known only to each other by their code names.  There's King, the leader, Shakespeare, the actor and makeup expert, Doctor, the scientist, Bishop, a strong fat guy, and Key the lockpick.  Rounding out the Six is Luga, a Zulu chieftain, which would have been progressive for the time if not for the fact that he's a "self-appointed slave" to King, calls him Master, speaks in broken English, etc.

In this adventure the Six run into a dead body, encounter walking corpses, deal with a fake curse, but mostly they deal with petty travel arrangements, like how to refuel a plane and which car the members will take.

A watered down Doc Savage copy, with none of the wit or fun of the original.

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