Friday, October 11, 2013

Satan's Snowdrop

Satan's Snowdrop
Guy N. Smith
1983 Pocket Books

An old stilted house belonging to the Reichenbach family, overlooking the cliffs where Sherlock Holmes met/faked his death, haunts the families of two different men that move the house, first to New York, then England.

There's quite a bit of nastiness in the visions of the tortures that haunt the house's past: piles of limbs, crotches lashed off with whips, etc.  In the "real" world, victims die of accidents or heart failure, including an exorcist and a boy killed by a possessed spacehopper.

As with too much supernatural horror, there is more page length dedicated to figuring out the rules than actual scary stuff.  Does transferring ownership of the house end the curse?  How about the mysterious snowdrop flower, will replanting it put the souls of the dead to rest?  How exactly should it be planted?  This kind of tedium bogs the whole business down.

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