Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fictional Books - The Crime Bible

The Crime Bible
first appeared in 52 #23 (DC Comics)

Like most fake books, the effect is better the less you know about it, or if there is a mystique that has a life of its own.

Case in Point - The Crime Bible.  The Crime Bible is from DC comics, and is supposed to be written by the first criminal, Cain, with a stone cover made from the rock he used to kill Abel.

I had some assumption that this dated back to Jack Kirby and his New Gods stuff, probably because Intergang was involved in both, and because it had a "Anti-Life Equation" vibe to it.  There are a few mafia/occult crossovers: Max Payne, The Darkness, and this.

Unfortunately, the Crime Bible dates back only to 2006, where it played a role in various Rene Montoya/Question & Batwoman storylines, some lackluster titles that thought that being gay was somehow shocking or daring fifteen years after network TV started doing the same shtick.

The idea of the Bible was cool, but the more excerpts (or entire pages) it revealed, the more meh it became.

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