Monday, September 15, 2014

Queue Review - Jungle Cruise

This was a tough one.  Despite having more themeing than most queues, there is very little footage.  I know they are nicely put together, but I hate these queues.  Jungle Cruise skippers are supposed to be the funniest folks at Disney and they are horrible.  The queue attendants aspire to that level of incompetence.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland only exists to make the other parks look good.  This park has three lines, one for each language in which the skipper speaks, and each line looks like the chutes to a slaughterhouse killing floor.  It takes a lot of work to beat Magic Kingdom to last place, but your unthemed switchbacks did the trick.

Magic Kingdom

Everyone hates this queue - I can't find any decent video.  Look here instead.  There's nice stuff, it has a nifty background loop, and I hate it.  It's inexplicably hotter than the rest of the park despite the shade, and the queue can open out to four different sections, each hidden from the others, so when it's busy there's no sense of how close you are to the end, something the hilarious cast members love to torment you about.  Keeping working on your material, guys, one day you'll be able to wait tables at Applebees.

Tokyo Disneyland

I got nothing.  There was a revamp that is officially opening as I write this, but all I know is that the queue for the Western River Railroad is on the second level above it.


 Much like the Imagination Pavilion was Eric Idle Land, stuff in Disneyland's Adventure land is themed to Indiana Jones.

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