Monday, September 8, 2014

Queue Review - It's a Small World

Disneyland Paris

Starts off strong with a spacious, nicely themed area and wonderful facade, something most of the parks share.  A nice walkway in the front before being dumped into switchbacks with nothing but an aluminum roof and millions of French people to look at.  I think the has the best transition from load to the interior of the ride.

Hong Kong Disneyland

A cruel bait and switch.  Decent facade, a lovely bridge entrance to a narrow flat hallway, then...switchbacks.  As a side note, this is the version of the ride that began the sometime despised practice of adding Disney characters to the countries.  I'm just happy they painted the ceiling black - nothing I hated more than the well lighted white acoustic panels of Magic Kingdom.

Tokyo Disneyland

Nice facade, but that isn't where the line is.  OK mural with cramped metal walkways, and a mundane door.  This is the best version I could find.

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

This has the lousiest facade of any of the versions, but there is a decent simulacra inside the load area.  The exit and entrance switched a few years back, and now you find yourself walking behind the clock.  This one has the window to Pinocchio's Village Haus, which I always wave at because I'm four years old.


The original(ish) and still the best.  A simple long walkway to duel, outdoor loading areas, with an unobstructed view of the facade.

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