Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Access America

I still don't know what to think of Fred Willard.  It's clear he's playing a dim, unfunny hack on purpose in things like Fernwood 2Night and Best in Show, but was he being subversively ironic when doing the same for Real People or Access America, a bit like Bob Sagat did on America's Funniest Home Movies?  His Ace Trucking Company skits range from bits of anti-humor mocking comedy itself to just plain unfunny 70s TV sketches.

I have the same dilemma with Junior Samples - a genius with perfect delivery who never drops character, or a dumb hick who can't remember his lines?  In the end it doesn't matter, he's the best part of Hee Haw.

And the best part of Fred Willard, other than him repeating the catchphrase from The Courtship of Eddie's Father, is Fernwood 2Night, the show that made me appreciate Fred Willard and forgive him for Access America.

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