Thursday, October 22, 2020

Marvel Year Two: Nick Fury

Nick Fury starts out in his World War II adventures in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos.  This title is quickly integrated into the Marvel Universe as Reed Richards appears as an OSS agent.

Fury has both eyes and more of a brutish appearance.  His Howling Commandos are a melting pot, and we get the first Black character Gabriel Jones (though he's mis-colored as white in the first issue), and for that matter the first explicitly Jewish, Italian, Irish, and redneck characters.

Fury show up in the modern era as a Colonel in the CIA - the CIA doesn't have military ranks, so he's either active military working with the CIA, or former military who keeps his rank.  Or maybe he got it the same place as Sanders and Tom.

Glossary:No Prize | Marvel Database | Fandom

No-Prize time!  The Howling Commandos drop references to actors Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster, despite the fact that their film careers began after the war.

I can explain this one easy enough - Stan screwed up.  We could get into Marvel being an alternate history where WW II happened in the late 50s, but this creates more problems than it solves.  There's a trend that I see sometimes in Wold Newton continuity, where they tear apart the nature of reality just to fix a minor inconsistency.  Just leave it.

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