Thursday, October 29, 2020

Home Sweet Home by Ruby Jean Jensen

 Home Sweet Home
by Ruby Jean Jensen
1985, Zebra

When his father has to take his mother to the hospital for surgery, ten year old Timmy is left in the care of "Uncle" Dan, a camera salesman family friend with a custom van.  What could go wrong?

Dan takes Timmy to his cabin deep in the woods, where he joins several other children.  Dan acts increasingly more bizarre, referring to "Little Mother" living in the back room who nobody gets to see.  He also gets increasingly pervy.  "Gee, Timmy, I don't know what happened to your swimsuit.  Guess you'll have to skinny dip.  Let me get my camera."  Strong bicycle man vibes:

Good suspense, with the creep building up to terror.  The twist, if it can even be called that, was lazy, and the ending phoned-in, but it effectively taps into childhood fears of being left with strange adults with boundary issues.

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