Thursday, October 22, 2020

M.I.A. Hunter by Jack Buchanan (Stephen Mertz)

 M.I.A. Hunter
by Jack Buchanan (Stephen Mertz)
1985, Jove

Former POW Mark Stone works as a soldier of fortune to rescue current POWs, working only for expenses (pro-tip: include your own salary as an expense).  Stone and some interchangeable soldiers of fortune go to Thailand, fight hired thugs when buying their black market arms, fight a patrol boat in the jungle, liberate a POW camp, and fight some more on the way back.

M.I.A. stuff, both in print and on film, has been one of my least favorite action sub-genres.  It always felt like it was meant for folks who want a do-over for the Vietnam war, only we'll win this time with the right bad ass.

The action scenes are better than average, if lacking in a sense of location.  No characterization to speak of, and the storyline is as generic as it could be.  I look forward to reading an entry later in the series when they mix things up a bit.

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  1. Good post. Those books are a lot of fun. The image on top is the series debut. The one on the bottom is a different installment. It’s an unnumbered entry featuring two individual stories.

  2. Gotcha - thanks, that had me confused