Thursday, February 25, 2021

Jalav 1: The Crystals of Midas by Sharon Green

 Jalav 1
The Crystals of Midas
by Sharon Green
1982 Daw

Jalav is the war leader of a female clan of warriors in a bronze age-ish world. Some crystals are stolen by city males and Jalav leads an expedition to find them, but mostly people just get tied up and raped.

Jalav and her woman warriors do the raping for the first third, capturing men, tying them up, giving them boner drugs and taking turns with them. Then Jalav and a handful of warriors get captured in town and enslaved. Jalav gets a divine message to put up with it for a while, and the plot kind of meanders from there, with Jalav getting captured and freed ad nauseum.

The crystals are to be used in a device called a comm, which is used to talk to the gods, so we know that this world is a post-apocalyptical reversion to savagery or something, but it's still a big reveal at the end when the female run galactic empire answers the call.

This series is supposed to be a rebuttal to Gor - not going to chime in about which flavor of sub/dom philosophy is more on track, but Green is a marginally better writer.  This is still trash - it's written in first person, with most of the text being a savage's perception of everyday objects so we get "long thin pots" instead of cups every time someone takes a drink. Jalav and her crew don't like the constant rape for reasons of pride, though they're uncontrollably aroused each time.

Like Gor, this fails on a level of exploitation. There is nothing sexy going on at all, just "he used me on the floor, and later I tied him up and used him, and sent him to the use tent for everyone else to use him". A little bit of action, but not enough to trawl through 350 pages of bad prose, non-existent plot, and rape apologia.

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