Sunday, February 14, 2021

Marvel 1964: Romance

We get the first sense that Hank is interested in Janet, hard to tell if they're really quite dating yet.

Banner has some competetion for Betty in the form of Glenn Talbot.

Everyone digs Jean, but the tragic doomed romance is established with Scott early on.  Xavier's secret longings are quickly forgotten.

Peter starts a surprisingly mature and complex flirtation with Betty Brandt, which ultimately goes nowhere, as happens in life.


Pepper is crazy over Tony, who at first can't be bothered but later whines that being Iron Man interferes with his workplace harassment, and I don't think they hook up for decades.

Thor is still getting c-blocked by Odin. Both Blake and Thor are in love with Jane, to the degree they may or not be different consciousnesses.

Matt Murdock begins his slide into self-pity - maybe he should start with a gal not on the payroll.

Ben and Alicia have a pity-off

Johnny Storm has a completely healthy relationship with Dorrie

I guess Reed and Sue are still dating, not much romance, although things are heating up with Namor

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