Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Marvel 1964: X-Men

Issue 4 is one year of the class, and issue 7 is graduation. By issue 10 we have our first example of anti-mutant hysteria.

This year sees the beginning of Professor X's habit of dramatically leaving before dramatically returning. Lucifer is set up to be the next big bad (which fizzles out pretty quick next year).

Iceman's change from snow to ice is gradual and without explanation. He stopped wearing boots by issue 5 and was totally ice by issue 10.

Beast is established as a nerd, and joins the surprisingly high ranks of Marvel Superheroes moonlighting as pro wrestlers

On the villain side, Magneto has psychic powers, which I don't believe last long

Collected in X-Men Epic Collection: Children Of The Atom, available from Amazon

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