Thursday, February 25, 2021

Marvel 1964: Captain America

Cap joins us properly through the pages of the Avengers. The amazing coincidence of the Avengers finding his frozen body is compounded by the timing.

The Avengers fight Namor and Hulk in Gibraltar.  Afterwards, Namor swims to the north sea, finds Cap frozen and worshipped by Eskimoes, throws his body in the ocean, where it floats directly into the path of the returning Avengers.

His mental state is inconsistent. His says the last thing he remembers is hitting the water, and he barely remembers Submariner, but he knows that twenty years have passed and the world thought him lost.

It was a weird choice for him to be frozen for twenty years. Presumably it has nothing to do with age, seeing how many WWII vets there are.

Rick Jones is instantly inserted into the situation, with Cap getting a little funny over his similarity to Bucky.

This doesn't go far. Jones is set up to be some kind of emotional heart of the Marvel Universe, or a universal reader surrogate, but they never really commit to it.

Cap has a room, not quite established at the Avenger's mansion yet.  He gets magnets to his shield to explain how it comes back, but these get ditched next year. The shield has not yet been established as unbreakable.

He gets his own half-title, sharing Tales of Suspense with Iron Man, but so far these are just quick set ups to extended one-on-many fights with little character development.

Tales of Suspense 58-60

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