Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Marvel Year Two Overview

Lee and company have found a groove, mostly fitting a story within a single issue, and even have a couple two-parters.

A little time travel: Iron man goes back to flirt with Cleopatra, and we're introduced to Rama Tut, who later is also Kang and Immortus and several others.  No instances of anyone trying to change the past or future or issues with paradoxes or alternate universes.

The hollow earth gets more Shaverish.  We get abandoned advanced technology with Tyrannus and a whole underground society with Kala, Queen of the Underworld.  Lava Man are joining the gang as well.

Secret identities are in full force.  The X-Men know each other, but the Avengers don't (with the exception of Giant-Man and the Wasp).  Both Thor and Iron Man get found out, Iron Man twice, but the nosy parties are killed or banished to Limbo so all is well.

We have the first instance of Limbo, later to be merged with the Limbos of ROM and Magik

Repeated Plots:

Thor had a "trick shape changing aliens into becoming things of low intelligence" story, tricking the Xartans into becoming trees like Reed Richards hypnotized the Skrulls into becoming cows.

The Awesome Android, the Super Skrull, and Doctor Zaxton's duplicating machine give us villains who copy our heroes' powers, to be followed by Super Adaptoid and many, many others.

We can add the Actor, Space Phantom, Loki, and Mr. Hyde to the Chameleon and Skrulls for "villain impersonating hero" plot.  Thor gets impersonated at least three times this year.

Keeping track: Reed hasn't use hypnosis, Thor didn't use time travel and hasn't been hit by bullets.

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