Thursday, November 5, 2020

Tower of Evil by James Kisner

 Tower of Evil
by James Kisner
1994 BMI

I needed this.  After countless Zebra paperbacks set in small town America with body counts in the low single digits, a good urban gorefest.

Security guard Shannon is snowed in overnight at her Indianapolis office building during a blizzard.  The spirit of a murdered homeless man, Dead Ted, is able to control animate objects in the building with deadly effect, as well as animate the corpses of his victims.

So we get 300+ pages of late night lawyers and cleaning crews being slaughtered by vending machines and the like, then the bodies rising from the dead for further carnage.  Shannon faces off against the undead horde, her main weapon being a series of fire extinguishers, which make heads explode when you shove the nozzle in their mouths and fill them up with foam.

Severed body part masturbation, an endless litter of flesh earing demon babies, and a demon headed penis with acid ejaculate. Not particularly well written, with the author purposely hitting some of my buttons (every woman gets her breasts described, the Black characters unable to speak English, etc).  It's at its weakest with the scenes of Dead Ted, with way too much time explaining the rules of what he is or isn't able to do.  We never get an explanation of what brought him back, aside from hints of demonic power, and that's definitely for the best.

I'm a sucker for horror stories in office buildings, and you could do worse than someone trying to out-do Sam Raimi.

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