Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dark Shadows by Marilyn Ross

 Dark Shadows
by Marilyn Ross
1966 Paperback Library

You grew up in an orphanage, knowing nothing about your family.  You get a job offer as a governess in a spooky house owned by a family who have been secretly financing your care.  A word of advice - if you are going to make out with any of the boys, I suggest you don't look at the hidden portrait in the locked basement.

Not a novelization, but a parallel set of stories to the gothic soap opera. Like the soap opera, the book series never answers the question of Victoria's parentage after being hijacked by time travelling vampires (though a Big Finish audio play does).  This installment has a self-contained mystery, but we never find out if she's in love with her probable half-brother and/or nephew.

I've never read a proper gothic romance, but this hits every square of the bingo card I've picked up from Scooby-Doo: stranger at the window, hidden portraits, secret passages, a locked room nobody's allowed in, suicide, madness, etc.

Available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon.

And check your library for an audiobook version

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