Thursday, November 19, 2020

Stony Man Doctrine by G.H. Frost

Stony Man Doctrine
by G.H. Frost
1983 Gold Eagle

Mack Bolan, Able Team, and Phoenix Force fight a coalition of gangs, commies, and Islamic fundamentalists seeking to attack America with chemical weapons.

HQ gets a lead, a strike teams shoots the place up, repeat until page count goal.  Less characterization than usual with way too many characters.  After all the Bolanverse novels I've read, I can name one character, Carl Lyons, the closest to having a personality.

Points for having a shootout at a massive abandoned amusement park in Central Texas.  Points off for not have a shootout on an operating ride, and night even a chase up a roller coaster track.

Paperback from AbeBooks

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